Where have you been???

That is the question I had to ask myself...I have been meaning to revitalize my blog but just havent had the time to until now...

There has been a few changes going on:
1. I have joined a gym and got a personal trainer I actually enjoy it and hope it all works out for me..
2. I have attempted to make socks using the book 2 socks at one time and I seem to have got the hang of it...
3. Decided to try and use up some of my stash that I dont even remember what I originally bought the yarn for??? ( the life of a knitter)
4. Did it again but couldnt resist bought some yarn made out of sugar cane with no real pattern ideas for it yet maybe I can do the widely liked Clapotis
5. Ready to celebrate a year since I have been married to my husband and looking forward to going to Foxwoods for our anniversary if we win that would be an amazing GIFT... :)
6. Going to make sure I come back more often till then see you all real soon...


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Dana said...

I am so glad to hear all is well with you Chanda. I was beginning to wonder if you left the blogging world for good. :-)