Technology Savvy

Or so I thought...The new rage is now Twitter, Twittering, Tweets etc...
Being that I have been using computers since I was like 9 back when the screen was black and the letters were green..I figured oh this twitter thing will be a piece of cake... HAHAHAHA
To my surprise its a little more difficult than expected the idea of one line post makes it alot more fun it took me a while to realize its just like a super mini blog...I seem to be getting the hang of it and know I will enjoy it like all the other social networks...

Anyone interested in following me feel free so I have some reason to get on and let you know what is going on in my crazy world...Till then

Happy Twittering.. :)


Night Owl??

I have recently asked myself that question since for the past few weeks I am up way past a reasonable sleep time. I am not too sure what has caused this situation could it be some sort of anxiety I am having and not know about it? It cant be the coffee because I have stopped drinking it before this started. Maybe I should treat myself like a baby and take a nice bath drink some warm milk and snuggle under the covers...Or should I just free my mind and relax, relate, and release what ever has me turning into this NIGHT OWL....


Where have you been???

That is the question I had to ask myself...I have been meaning to revitalize my blog but just havent had the time to until now...

There has been a few changes going on:
1. I have joined a gym and got a personal trainer I actually enjoy it and hope it all works out for me..
2. I have attempted to make socks using the book 2 socks at one time and I seem to have got the hang of it...
3. Decided to try and use up some of my stash that I dont even remember what I originally bought the yarn for??? ( the life of a knitter)
4. Did it again but couldnt resist bought some yarn made out of sugar cane with no real pattern ideas for it yet maybe I can do the widely liked Clapotis
5. Ready to celebrate a year since I have been married to my husband and looking forward to going to Foxwoods for our anniversary if we win that would be an amazing GIFT... :)
6. Going to make sure I come back more often till then see you all real soon...




I havent been on here in a while and felt it was time to let my friends hear from me....Life has been going good no big complaints here...iknityouknot came to visit from Chicago and I had the chance to go out to dinner with her,jennygrrrrr, and Susan from the Windsor Button Shop...We ended up going to Fajita & Ritas' it was so much fun...We talked and drank, ate and drank, talked and drank...ok well we no me, Hannah, and Jenny was enjoying the drinks the most what do you expect the frozen raspberry margaritas there are amazing....Susan had at least one which in itself made it a great night...

The best part of the night was the fact that I got the idea for my next project...I had on a shirt that was the color of the margaritas and Jenny loved it so much...That I suggested to name my next project Jenny's favorite then Hannah says no Jenny's Crush so that is what I will do....Not sure exactly what it will be but I will have her in mind...

Now the only question was her favorite really the shirt or the margaritas.....

LOVE YOU GUYS....Here is a pic of us minus Susan, But quickdrawkiddo instead...


Growing up

My oldest daughter Alexis graduated for the 5th grade on the 20th..As a parent/mother I am happy and scared because she is no longer a little girl even though she will be my little girl no matter how old she gets.

I have to start talking more about things a woman goes through and will experience in life just like my mom taught me.

She is a wonderful daughter and couldn't be anyone other than who she is.. Growing up is hard to do for parents and children but when you have an understanding of each other it makes it a smooth experience..


So I started Lexi's shrug about 3 weeks ago and realized I messed up about 12 rows into the pattern due to the fact that is writted with slightly conplez instructions..So I came to the conclusion that I had no other option but to pull it out and start again..

So I picked it up yesterday to start again low and behold I cast on the 54 stitches and then realized I was using the wrong size needle.. :(

So I start againg with the correcet size and go to start the ribbing then once again I realize I did the basic cast on not the cable cast on...

But hopefully this will be the end of frogging on this project..



I have been tagged and am happy to let people know about me...So here it goes

1. 10 years ago I was 21 years old and was still a new mom to my oldest daughter Alexis...I didnt know much about being a mom but figured out fast how to be the best mom I can be...

2. 5 Things on my to do list....Go back to school, take a shower, wash my girls hair, clean the house( even though I already did it), cuddle with Alonzo

3. Where have I lived...This is a joke right...I have lived on the same street in the same house for 31 years...LOL..but of course I hope to be somewhere else soon

4. If I was a billionare...I would pay off all my debt( who wouldn't) and my moms, buy a wonderful house with a nice porch and rocking chair so I can sit and knit, get the car I have been wanting for so long, pay for my girls to go to college..

5. Who I want to know more about..Jenny, even though I know things i want to know more about Love's Lessons